Thursday, September 24, 2015

I found my passcodes....

I finally found my missing info! I had misplaced my passcodes for this bog and not being skilled in technology I managed to find them and get back in! A lot is gone on since the last time I was on here....Heather and her husband, Dave are doing more shows as Judith and her husband, Larry are starting to travel less. We have created a lot of fun new images that you can use together in interactive ways! The biggest thing of all is that Heather has been posting a new instructional video on the website www.stampsbyjudith.com every month. These videos show how images can be put together, how to get images inside containers, how to color with Tombow Watercolor Markers and much, much more! Blogging and writing is still newish to me but now that I can get back into this blog I can get back to trying it....now if I could just remember how to post a picture...????

Heather at Stamps by Judith & Heather

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