Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Masking your heart...

I'm back! It's been busy with 3 little kids and the Christmas season....but I haven't forgotten you! Hope everybody and a blessed and safe holiday season. I have often been asked how to mask...so let's see if I can walk you thru this.... To mask the E-238-HK Little Owl inside the R-54-HK Lg. Design Heart you need to first stamp the heart on your card stock. Then stamp it again on a scratch paper and cut out the center of it. This is your mask. Then place it over the heart on the card and stamp the owl. When you remove the mask the owl will look like it is in the heart. The owl was then colored in with Tombow Watercolor Markers, light browns, light grays, a touch of a darker brown for highlighting, and a touch of pink for its cheeks. Always put cheeks on anything that has a face, it gives them life. The saying F-161 Give a Hoot was stamped in black and then AAA-04 Dots and AA-69 Bold Modern Heart were added. Remember to stamp the Dots in blue. Other colors like red or green can overwhelm the card.

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  1. So cute , love the owl ! Hope you had a nice
    Christmas. I first started with your moms stamps, a few years ago I was so excited to meet her in person.