Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you ready for the snow?

All the leaves are off the trees where I live in Northern Wisconsin and my 5 year old was asking if winter was coming and it made me think of this card. It will soon be snowman season and this was a fun card to make. First I stamped the F-162 Pine Needles and the C-32 Grass on the card and colored them in with Tombow Watercolor markers. I sponged below the grass to fill in the white area and added a light grey around the pine needles to make them pop off the page. Next I stamped the S-16 Lg. Button Snowman and the O-16 Lg. Wooden Fence on another piece of card stock and colored them with Tombow Watercolor markers as well. When I need a good black ink that works well with watercolor markers, I use our Stamps by Judith Quick Drying for Watercolors Dye Based Black Ink Pad. After the images are colored I cut them out and arrange the snowman on the fence. For fun I added tiny, gold eyelets over the nails on the fence and blue and green eyelets over the buttons on the snowman. I then mounted the snowman and fence on my background with double stick foam tape and layered the H-49 Snowman Melts Heart Saying.  


  1. That is so cute! I love it. Have loved your stamps for a long time. I have a few that I got from stamping shows you did in Colorado..long time ago. Became a follower today and will be checking in

  2. This is sooo adorable! That snowman definitely does melt my heart.

  3. Oh I love the pine tree on your card! Such a cute card.